Final Duality
Unitive awareness comes from both the heart and the mind

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Clarity of mind is needed to surrender

"Unity is at the intersection of the heart and mind"


The "Final Question" as a way to Surrendering the Mind

The fastest way to surrender the mind to the truth that things are unseparate is to ask the final question.This can be done almost 24/7. There is enough room in the mind to do this and still take care of life's daily routine.

It requires  mindfulness, meaning that what is needed is to hold the idea of the final question in present awareness, and ask away. With persistence, the answer to the final question will be realized, again and again,and the  mind will gradually, or in jumps, surrender to the unknowable.

What is the final question? It is the question with no answer. Arrived at thousands of times through consistent inquiry it is answered when the mind gives up, and shifts awareness to the reality of the unknowable.

People say that self-inquiry in this manner is difficult or find it intimidating. It brings up fear to discover that we don't have any absolute answers. Yet, it can be done. The mind will be overcome and yet discover that is a safe and free place to be.

The mind can and must surrender to an unkowable beyond itself. There are many ways this might occur. This is a way to help make it happen.

The basic inquiry into the final question is: "Who am I?"

No need to wait for a meditation, silent retreat, or special event.  The mind can ponder this  anytime despite outer distractions. Do it during normal activities. Dream it. When an answer seems to stick, question the answer. You will find dozens of answers branching out like a tree. How can any one of them be correct if there are so many? Don't stop until you encounter the answer to the final question, the answer that it cannot be known. It is unknowable.

Asking more deep questions such as why am I here? should bring many answers as well. Considering all the answers to a particular question, they will appear to become circular, and the Qs and As seem repetitive. It is time to admit "I don't know" and move on to another question.

Question and find the unkowable in what seems obvious. Is the table real? We don't directly perceive a table, only it's properties..Is the sky blue? Deep and honest inquiry will reveal that it only seems to be blue at certain times under certain conditions. Much of the time it is in fact, not blue. Applying inquiry to various objects and events, we can see that questioning what we thought was real makes us confront the unkown.

Is death the only sure thing in life? But asking about it brings more questions than answers! Inquire into that, laugh, and move on. Will the sun rise tomorrow? Are you absolutely sure? Can you consider it to the point where it might not? What do you really, really know? Some jump to say "I don't know anything" as if it is a special achievement. We must do the work, and show the math before the mind will rest.