Final Duality
Unitive awareness comes from both the heart and the mind

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How quickly can you attain unitive awareness?

"Unity is at the intersection of the heart and mind"

Attain unitive awareness by going for it!

Quick Ways to Unitive Awareness

Can the idea that spiritual awakening requires a long time and/or be a lot of work and sacrifice be shown to be false? Maybe,maybe not but the belief that one should wait around for states of silence and transcendance to arrive can certainly be challenged. There are plenty of things to quicken the process, if that is the intent.

Seeing the miracle that All Is One has been realized and described by thousands of people over millenia. Many teachers tell us it's a natural state of awareness. It's very close to one of those moments when we look at the stars at night, or the blue expanse of an ocean, and feel the earth and our sense of self drop away, leaving nothing but an aha! followed by the insight that it's we are all connected and "I am that." This unitive awareness can be integrated into daily life so that every moment becomes like that.


In unitive awareness the person (observer) still remains as a part of his new interconnected world view. Therefore unitive awareness is not the final enlightenment to the unfathomable absolute truth (I call that observerless awareness of pure beingness). However it is worth putting forth the effort to get it.


At the End of the Breath

Find infinity in the moment

Sit comfortably, breathe deeply and evenly. Pause for a second or two after the inhalation and again at the end of the exhalation. I discovered by accident, and later found that it has been taught, that at the end of the breath something special happens. The mind naturally stops for a moment. I started doing it intentionally, and after some time - months maybe - the dots of silence started to connected. I could be free of my mind for several breaths and then for several minutes. For me it was part of what was needed in 1998 to have an experience of infinity in the present moment, one that lasted for about six months. Pranayama Yoga and Deepak Chopra teach about silence at the end of the breath and between thoughts.

I experienced an empty mind for 5 full days while attending ShantiMayi's teachings in India in January 1998.

Dropping Sense of Separation

Create a picture of what the world looks like with everything as one

Hearing and reading about the nature of things being interconnected and not existing as separate, I tried to look at the external world of objects and imagine that this was so. It was amusing when I had breakthroughs during meditations, and would open my eyes to see everything as one continuous flow of reality, or energy, or awareness. Words failed.I would sit there, my heart swelling, tearful. Now it's like that all the time. The heart has finished expanding and the tears have run their course. I have lost the ability to see things around me as separate from one another. Things take on an individual appearance only when they need to. It only took months and it was intentional. The magic never ends even in imperfection.

It's easy to see unity when most of one's life was lived without it. It's a very clear change of view.

Define Your Suffering

Can't be free of it until you do

Many teachings and writings from ancient to present times refer to suffering and  freedom from it. I found to my surprise that many seekers even after years of seeking the truth, had never identified what was the source of their suffering. When I did that, and discovered that for me it was thoughts constantly arising, leading to mental chaos only controllable with focusing on tasks on hand, or being distracted by drama or stimulation, it was the beginning of the end of my internal suffering. When it ended it was just like the dropping away of a heavy weight. There is a process to do this.

The best part of becoming free from suffering was the silencing of the internal critic telling me Im good or bad or that I should do this or that.

Spring Clean Your Life

The power of putting things in order

This is a simple and old idea, promoted in self-improvement programs as well as many other places, of getting rid of the clutter in the house and in one's life. Doing inner work of balancing, accepting, and resolving and releasing negative emotions that block unitive awareness is greatly facilitated by a clutter-free life. It doesn't need explanation, it just works.

As above, so below

Chase the Question

Risk being annoying

I've been told to stop asking questions more than once at spiritual events. But I've also had very rewarding chats with teachers who didn't mind. We can note that many teachers tell stories about being driven by their questions to go deeper into their spiritual seeking. When we are alone we can chase the final question until we become comfortable with accepting that it is all unknown.

What is the final question? The one with no answer. Ultimately, everything is uncertain.

Untangle the Knot

Example: Jealousy

Unless you had an angelic childhood and a life with low stress, this should be the most difficult method to speed the way to unitive awareness. I had a complex story about jealousy as an example but lost it in a site update. (This may be forthcoming). The idea is to identify problems as they arise from deep in our awareness, problems that take mental space and energy, serve no useful purpose, and cause internal conflict (suffering!). Jealousy is my example of a big conflict that arose from a specific relationship event and when analyzed over several days unravelled into a bunch of negative emotions that could be neutralized one by one. This isn't unlike cognitive behavioral therapy or even self psycho-analysis, but the point is that if done directly and fearlessly, the problem is vaporized. I haven't been jealous since, and it's been over 15 years.

A meditation teacher repeatedly told the class he wasn't enlightened. I finally asked "why not, what are you afraid of?" "I don't know, I'll have to look," he said, but he didn't. A year later I heard him say the same things.