Final Duality
Unitive awareness comes from both the heart and the mind

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The question is not does the heart need to is how do we do it.

"Unity is at the intersection of the heart and mind"

We are all one energy

Accepting All to Open the Heart - the other half of awakening

One of my teachers said "the heart is not a pink cloud, it can be like shattered glass." Ancients compared it to a "flaming sword of truth." Opening the heart may bring agony, confusion, and tears, but gives way to joy, love and a boundless experience of unity.

The work of opening the heart is hard work. It will break again and again until it makes its final opening. Awakened people testify that it is worth it.  Many seekers don't like it though, and stick to grasping concepts, perhaps awakening half-way to an isolating experience that is disconnected from things, and missing love. 

Working on the heart can be done almost 24/7. I discovered that mostly on my own, with a little help from  teachers or books, finding that by being receptive and mindful of everything arising in my present awareness, I could do the hard work of acceptance. It can be done by intent, and doesn't need to be by grace, blessing, or good luck.

I t is difficult to maintain a practice of acceptance 24/7 but its like anything else that takes effort. We just keep getting back up after the falls. Attending to inner conflict is tedious, more for some than others. It can be unsettling yet can be done while fully engaged with life and not requiring lengthy retreats or monasteries.

The heart must accept the knowable. All of it. Now, nothing arises in my awareness that I can't accept. That means that I never feel as though something is missing or that something is here that shouldn't be. Because of this, the most important blessing of all is that my inner critic and judger have been silenced. I have questioned many who are considered awakened, and it is their experience too.

Start with holding an intent for goodwill and compassion towards everything outside of you. Don't show it. Just feel it and radiate it. You are preparing yourself for amazing transformation. Negative memories may seem to crowd your awareness. Consider them one at a time, and project onto them "it's okay." "I forgive myself or the other person," "I beleive that must be okay now." This is not unlike popular self-empowerment methods or cognitive behavioral therapy.

Drop resistance to arising negative reactions to events and memories. Don't meet anything with a push or pull or denial. Everything in is acceptable and meant to be, all of the good and the bad. It's different for everybody but its the same place where we all get stuck. 

Work on accepting the future. The future is nothing more than a mental projection of our fears and hopes. There is a universal experience of joy in finding that there are infinite possibilities for the future and no way of knowing what will happen. Accepting uncertainty brings freedom from what we think should happen. Seeing the future as nothing more than a thought or a date on a calendar may seem like a strange detachment, but is followed by a sense of fullness that comes from being fully in the present moment.

When all is accepted you will know it, as your body will go through energetic changes. It happens to everyone who awakens, some more than others. You might worry or feel ill, but the key is to take care of yourself, stay grounded and hold intent for love and goodwill toward everything and all. People will notice a change in you. Accept that too, don't be proud, and most of all don't be afraid. We are all one energy, and the felt sense of awareness that comes with that is natural and can be lovely.

To say more, the energetic changes can be blissful, terrifying and everything between. People have described feeling psychotic, sleepless, or out of their body. Sexual energies may surge or dissipate. Some seek psychiatric help. I have encountered these in myself and many others. We are taught and figure out how to stay grounded, breathe, love and stay engaged with life.