Final Duality
Unitive awareness comes from both the heart and the mind

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Finding a spiritual teacher's message that can touch us deeply is a rare gift.

"Unity is at the intersection of the heart and mind"

Teachings from ShantiMayi, Gangaji, and Adyashanti

Living spiritual teachers help show us the way, if they share from love and wisdom. If there is something that gave me a way to relate to these teachers on a personal level, it is their honest and vulnerable sharing of their humanness.

ShantiMay: constant paradox and rebuttal

My encounters with ShantiMayi are stream of affirmations and denials. As she put it she "is no people pleaser." Yet she was always available, gives endless love to her students, and I engaged her in countless exchanges. She sometimes agreed with me sometimes smited me, but It was the latter that was most valuable, forcing me to contemplate what seemed like paradoxes. When I shared my awakening with her overlooking the Ganges River in India in 2013, in front of a hundred world travelers, she cooly waved a hand and said "we are all awakened, we just don't know it yet." It only caused me to dig deeper to confirm my discovery with myself absolutely, beyond any need for affirmation. She is an eternal spark in my heart.

Met in India in 1997, the first enlightened one I encountered


Gangaji: relentless inquiry into the absolute

She constantly points the way to the unfathomable, infinite, always available truth, the radiance and unchanging silence beneath our thoughts and feeling. The more deeply I realized, the more obvious her words became. For me her message was almost too simple until I got it, then realized that's all there is. There is no complexity. As she said, enlightenment is a removal, not an adding of something. .

Shared my awakenings with her in 2000 and 2012


Adya: understanding spiritual awakening

His teachings are no-holds-barred when it comes to analyzing and mentoring what happens during and after our awakenings. One of the most valuable things I received from him was the ability to recognize how other spiritual seekers, and myself on some occasions, became trapped half-way awake. He is very good at describing the "I found it then I lost it" paradigm. His statement that "nonduality is beyond unity" takes him beyond the level of the typical "awakened" teacher. He has a big heart too.

I first saw Adya in an Oakland gathering in 1999