Final Duality
Unitive awareness comes from both the heart and the mind

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Experiencing the final duality must occur to arrive at unitive awareness.

"Unity is at the intersection of the heart and mind"

Nonduality is beyond Unity

Duality is an endless cycle of experience until unity is discovered, in silence and in love. 

Conversing with Adyashanti in front of two hundred people at his May 2012 spiritual gathering in Oakland, I overcame my nerves to ask a burning question that I knew he would be able to answer. (Click here to see the link to the talk).

"You teach about seekers getting trapped in emptiness, half-way awake. I've had the experience of being around a number of them, they feel isolated, sometimes angry, but have a certain freedom of mind and feel they have something. But there's no heart in it. I've also been around people who are caught in bliss, and avoid inquiring or discussing the truth. They appear addicted, and constantly seek out the guru or ritual that feels good." He confirmed that this was his his observation also. Then I asked if the bliss addict could go to the teacher who would get them to inquire with their mind, and those with empty awareness could be in the presence of a heart and love guru, could they experience the full awakening?"

He said yes probably can't drag one to the other, they won't want to go. Sad, to be dedicated to a spiritual path and not reach both heart and mind - that final duality,

My concept of how being stuck halfway in bliss or emptiness can be resolved into unitive awareness

The heart accepting all that can be known and the mind accepting the unknowable reveals the truth