Final Duality
Unitive awareness comes from both the heart and the mind

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About my project Spiritual Duality Insights

"Unity is at the intersection of the heart and mind"

Observing duality brings many insights

About me, and ideas on duality

"Spiritual Duality Insights" (SDI) is what I call this project, which hopes to share in an helpful way what I have discovered from my own journey. Books, discussion groups, and dialogues with teachers, gurus, nondual masters, and seekers in India, Japan, and West Coast USA since 1996 were helpful with those discoveries. There is a light that fills my heart and inspires me to do this, yet because of my background in applied medical science, a desire to also be scientific about it. Before I thought much about nonduality or definitions for consciousness, I was a teenager in the 1970s playing on my high school chess team, competing in gymnastics, working at McDonald's, and reading science fiction and metaphysical subjects. 

In more recent years I was inspired from dozens of sources and numerous dialogs to arrive at simple definitions for spiritual words that I had for years thought of as "enlightenese". For example, while researching the word "mind" I compiled 28 pages of definitions from popular dictionaries and various fields of psychology, spirituality, and philosophy. I cross referenced many teachings about consciousness, awareness, etc...these words do not or at least should not mean the same thing, I think. But isolated definitions aren't enough, we need them to relate to one another.  Yet there is nothing scientific about spirtual seeking and awakening. It has a heart to it, and ultimately thats where all of the inspiration to do this comes from.


MY SPIRITUAL ODYSSEY: (extremespiritualreality currently being revised)